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While exhibiting at sportsman shows around the province I always have a photo of a Carp on my table, and this seems to cause a lot of fishers to confess their hidden passion – Carp fishing. Whether it was the incidental catch of a monster Carp on a Rapala crankbait, or someone’s personal strategy for catching Carp from an inner-city pond, the results are uniformly the same, fun.

For decades Carp fishers used small hooks imbedded in balls of pre-soaked white bread with the crust removed. It was a real lesson in sight fishing as you only had a hairs breath to set the hook before the Carp would spit the bait after sensing the line or resistance. This method is still preferred in certain circumstances, such as capturing Carp that have adopted the habit of surface feeding.

The invention of the bolt rig altered the way people Carp fish in that there was now a method of catching Carp consistently and almost effortlessly. Floats are also an option that are worth trying as their advantage is a vertical presentation that eliminates line from sloping in on an angle which can spook Carp from the area as they circle below searching for food. And let’s not forget fly fishing.

Probably the biggest concern I hear about Carp fishers however, is there reluctance to invest in a decent quantity and quality of bait to feed the area they plan to fish and to use for actual bait on their rigs. People will spend hundreds, if not thousands, on their gear, and then go cheep when it comes to laying out $10-$20 for some bait.

However you plan to fish Carp, the common denominator is that they are just plain fun to catch. There is plenty of information here to get you started, but check back regularly as more will be added routinely. Also, if you have a technique of your own that you want to share, send it along and I’ll do my best to get it up on the site.

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