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Lawrence Euteneier has been blind since age eight.  Despite his gradual and now total loss of sight, he’s always been an outdoor enthusiast. Lawrence is now a semi-professional fisher competing in tournaments throughout North America with support from his sponsors and family.

At age 11 Lawrence was a seasoned fisher of Trout and fall salmon on his local rivers. Lawrence’s seven years in Scouts and later Venturers was highlighted when, at age 13, he was one of 18 youth who paddled over 2,100km in two 25-foot warrior canoes from Toronto to Prince Edward Island to attend the 1977 “World Scout Jamboree”. At age 14 Lawrence acquired his first boat and motor which he and his friends used to fish the waters of southern Ontario and by age 22 Lawrence was fishing commercially for Cod off Canada’s east coast during his summer breaks from university.

Carp AnglerLawrence has earned a college certificate, Bachelors diploma, and Masters in Environmental Studies. His field research expeditions included residing in northern Sweden for one year, back-country expeditions in Canada’s Rockies, and living among the Inuit in Canada’s Arctic.

The expertise in environmental accessibility for people with disabilities Lawrence developed led to his being appointed as a “Human Rights Tribunalist” and the “Special Advisor on Accessibility” to Canada’s Senate. IN 1999, Lawrence invented the world’s first fully accessible public computer for use in libraries and community centers.

Lawrence’s achievements have been recognized with a number of awards including the “ Public Service Award of Excellence” in 2003, the “People’s Choice Award” in 2004, and the “Meritorious Service Medal” from the Governor General in 2006.

CarpWhen Lawrence isn’t on the water fishing, he’s raising funds for charities by competing in triathlons, Dragon Boat competitions and celebrity car races. IN five car races, Lawrence has finished 4th, 3rd twice, 2nd and 1st.

(Photo of Lawrence with his first Carp caught on the St. Lawrence)

Lawrence’s life mission is to open up the sport of fishing to the over 11 million Canadians and Americans with vision loss. Lawrence himself is a semi-professional fisher competing in tournaments, organizing guided fishing adventures, advising guides and outfitters on accessibility, teaching people with vision loss to fish, and the inventor of the world’s first fishing boat for the blind. Lawrence believes that people with vision loss make excellent fishers due to their ability to, “Feel the Bite”.

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