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Carp fishing equipment can be as much or as little as you choose. There are plenty of Carp fishers out there catching good sized Carp on medium/heavy spinning gear, and there are others who have adopted many of the innovations coming out of Europe and Japan. As with any sport fish, one need only match the gear to the quarry being pursued. Its one thing to pull 10-15lb Carp from a local pond, but quite another to successfully land 30+lb Carp on a river. And then there are those 50+ Monsters that will pull out 300 yards of 65lb braid without seemingly even knowing they were hooked.

Whether your going to need a spod rod to place feed on a specific section of a swim, or a marker rod to explore the water’s depths from shore are choices you can make according to just how much you want to catch Carp. Large landing nets, weigh scales and un-hooking mats become necessities for those considering entering a derby, and if your thinking of fishing straight through any manner of weather, some sort of shelter such as a light-weight broli and a chair to rest in after those epic battles can come in handy.

Finally, if you’re going to fish some sort of bolt rig, you’ll want a reel that has both a regular drag system and a second lighter drag that can be set to work with a bite alarm. Lines, hooks and weights are generally fairly straight forward, with the emphasis on avoiding creating rigs that can potentially harness a Carp to a rock or some other under-water obstruction should your line part. And then there’s a rod rest, either a set of bank sticks or a more versatile rod stand or pod. Top it off with an electronic bite alarm, and your ready to tackle anything Ontario has to offer.

Rods - Reels and Lines - Rigs and Leads

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