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Float news
By Jeff Vaughan

Canadian Carp Club2008 Highlighted a new dimension to float fishing at Long Sault. As I said in the main article I have always been a float fishing fan and have always used them at LS but this year has been exceptional.

I guess the first move was my new float rod. Armed with a 2.75 t/c pukka float rod, I was more confident to float fish for the bigger fish and it was not long before I had my first 30 on the float, where before I was loosing them. But something else significant happened.

During the summer when out with customers, we were getting a lot of short aborted runs. Of course all carpers get these from time to time, but out here a short run is normally 25 yards. It is very unusual for a run to stop and we were getting a lot of these. After sitting with a customer one day I decided to go back and pick up the Polaris float and fish beside him. In 30 minutes I had 5 fish.

This started happening more and more, Colin who was originally totally anti float fishing (it aint proper carp fishing) was quick to see the benefits and became a convert very fast. We then put a few carp float rigs into the hire stable and more and more guys were using them and out fishing the lead.

The success was stunning. I am talking about out fishing the lead 4 fish to one. We are not talking anything sophisticated here we were rigging customers out with 2.5 T/C through action carp rods. 30 to 50 lb braids and float ledgering with Polaris floats. Why it works so well I do not know. We tried fishing light leads on running rigs and smaller hooks beside the float rigs and still the floats scored every time.

So a few things here contradict my main article. I have moved away from nylon on most of my float rigs, simply the fish out here are so powerful they make long runs against the drag and the line twist this imparts very quickly screws up the line and you start to loose fish. Loosing fish is just not acceptable to us as it is not clever to leave a carp towing 20 ft of line and with a hook in its mouth. The braid is far harder to sink, hence the Polaris float leger rig which gets around the problem. I also think that with the Polaris rig a fairly standard carp rod is the best unless of course you can afford the Fox Duo lite Floodwater barbel rod; this has been my favourite toy of 2008.

For 2009 we are putting a lot more float rigs into service and both Colin and I are GAGGING to get on the Polaris in the shallow bays come spring. We are going to take them apart !!! (mind you sitting at my desk in the UK I always think that )

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